Environmetal Responsibility

At Frost-Barber, we are conscious of the implications our actions and decisions have on the environment. We will manage our business in a way that protects the environment and health of our customers, community, and employees.

  • Our business partners have teamed up with innovative packaging producers to bring recyclable and renewable content packaging materials into our supply chain.
  • Upon completion of our installations, every attempt is made to recycle packaging materials upon removal from the jobsite.
  • Many of our approved vendors are Greenguard™ certified to ensure “safe products” are produced and installed for our customers’ safety.
  • 3M energy optimizing films have been applied at our Headquarter facility to reduce energy consumption supporting a “sustainability” strategy.
  • Truckloads of recycled packaging occur every week through our projects.
  • We voluntarily support recycling of paper, glass, and metals in our office.
  • Our warehouse has skylights to further reduce the need for electrical lighting.