We are in the business of creating and curating professional environments. We not only sell commercial furniture for offices, hospitals and schools; we partner with interior designers, architects and business owners to transform empty or inefficient environments into more productive and cutting-edge workspaces. So it should follow that of anyone in Baton Rouge, we would have the best insights available to help businesses adapt to the changing workplace needs that the pandemic presented. The Baton Rouge Business Report took advantage of our expertise and asked us to weigh in on the Return to Work.

At Frost-Barber we are leading by example. As designers of professional spaces, we saw an opportunity to start with redesigning our own environment in order to lead our customers through the necessary changes that will be meaningful in their own workplaces. We talk about our Showroom transformation in our Business Report article, along with how the workplace and work culture has changed and the top things employers should consider when letting people come back to the office.

Read the full Baton Rouge Business Report article here. 

“We have completely remodeled the Frost-Barber Showroom and offices to ensure that safety, comfort, functionality and style are our new norm. Morale is at an all-time high and I know that productivity is enhanced and improved. A total of seven new workplaces are isolated with glass walls to provide complete safety and separation while allowing in natural light and still maintaining a sense of openness and connection. Employees have their option to work from home or come into the showroom and choose their workspace based on their need for the day. It’s been a fantastic change that we didn’t see coming.

Doug Jehle
President and CEO
Frost-Barber of Louisiana

Sometimes the biggest detriment to a person or to a business, if you really step back and look hard, can be turned into the biggest blessing. I personally feel that as frustrated as I have been with the challenges of COVID-19, it may have been one of the best things that’s happened to Frost-Barber. Because had it not happened, we would not have embraced work from home and we would not have embraced the changes to the Showroom. It may have happened several years from now, but this bad situation became a catalyst for us. And I believe with all my heart that it has done nothing but make us a better company. So, looking at it … we had no choice but to send everybody home … we had no choice but to look hard at finances. We had to look at how we can keep this company moving forward. And we took that challenge and embraced it. I’m thrilled to see what Frost-Barber is becoming.”

Elizabeth Carter-Thibodeaux
Vice President of Sales
Frost-Barber of Louisiana

Every company is having to prioritize and make decisions in the best interest of their company. Frost-Barber can help take some of the guesswork out of those decisions by providing actionable solutions to space-related challenges.

As the economy begins to gain momentum, there’s never been a better time for organizations to move forward and reset in order to create a better work experience. We can use this moment as a catalyst for reinventing an office that’s more than just a container for work; creating a place that provides a community where people can feel a renewed sense of belonging, resilience and purpose.

At Frost-Barber we have embraced the changes and challenges of the pandemic and are using it as momentum to create the next generation of Frost-Barber for our own employees and a world-class Showroom experience for our guests. We invite you to schedule an appointment to visit our working showroom located on Interline Avenue to gain ideas and insights into how you can transform your own facility into a more safe, productive, flexible and inspiring space. If you are interested in discussing your workplace needs or want to schedule a private, complimentary consultation please email us at  info@frost-barber.com or call 225-926-5000.