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Control Your Level of Comfort

Endorse is The HON Company’s most adaptable collection. Endorse can be tailored to almost any setting: executive offices, workstations, conference rooms and visitor spaces. Endorse also enriches the look of the facility, with streamlined shapes and outstanding fit and finish.

Beautifully Crafted + Comfortably Engineered

1336-1187-1127 (Spread 2 – Private Office)v3

As work evolves, so does the science of office furniture and our understanding of what supports an optimal work environment. We know staying active is important because movement helps increase blood flow, keeping you refreshed and energized. But what good is movement if it limits your ability to focus?

Endorse-Spread 1_MOCH

This collection is uniquely engineered to support a variety of active spaces, including conference, collaborative and welcoming areas as well as workstations. So you can stay focused and work comfortably — anywhere, at anytime. The adjustable lumbar and head rest features, ilira®-stretch mesh and inventive design from the award-winning Deisig Design team create dynamic support that keeps the body in healthy alignment. An Endorse workplace is a healthier, happier workplace.

Mesh Mid-Back Task Chair
Mid-Back Task Chair
Single Seat Lounge
Mesh Mid-Back Big and Tall Task Chair
Executive High-back Upholstered Back Chair
Task Low-back Mesh Back