Work From Home 2020

Found yourself working from home at all this year? Most of us have. Some have found it challenging, others have found it empowering, and almost all of us have been forced to embrace new technologies and ways to work. 

While working remotely has been around for a while, it’s fair to say that most professionals have a different appreciation for working from home since shutdowns sent us into hiding earlier this year. While businesses are in various stages of reopening and adapting, it seems apparent that for some people working from home may be here to stay. 
Companies are beginning to embrace remote work, and are investing in getting their employees set up at home with ergonomic, professional furniture and tools. Many individuals are also feeling the struggle of trying to stay focused from a kitchen table or sofa and finding it very difficult. They are discovering just how important a professional desk and task chair can be and are investing in their own comfort, wellness and productivity. 

Whatever your situation, download our Work From Home Lookbook for a curated selection of furniture and tools that can help you in this transition. Your work from home experience doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or thrown together. Frost-Barber can help you create the ideal Work from Home environment!

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